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Our 2015 keeper, Roxy, did have a small litter of 3 puppies.
Two puppies should be available once evaluated at about 8 weeks.
There are two January litters on this page. Please scroll down for Leslie's.

Pictures as they grow will be posted below.
Sire is our own Dudley and the dam is Roxy


Roxy and her 3 Musketeers at 4 days old. Visibly plumper!
1 black&white male, 1 red&white male, 1 red&white female.
Just 24 hours old in this photo. Stay tuned for more cuteness!
Below are the updated photos of the 3 Musketeers at 4 weeks old. Leslie's litter was updated at 4 weeks as well!

Roxy black and white boy head  4 weeks

Roxy black and white boy markings
Roxy read and white male head 4 weeks
Roxy red and white male makrings 4 weeks

Roxy red and white female head 4 weeks
Red and white Roxy female Head shot 4 weeks old.
Roxy rec and white female markings

Sire is our own Dudley and the dam is our Leslie

Our Leslie and Dudley have blessed us with a litter of eight and we could not be happier. Watch for updates as these beauties grow from spotted sausages into beautiful individuals. Most of the males will be available. Contact us by email for specifics. E-Mail link at the top of the page.
Leslie Dudley Puppies 4 days
Leslie and Dudley puppies 4 days old. 4 males, 4 females.

Below are the Leslie/Dudley puppies now at 4 weeks old. 3 males are still available. The visibly smaller female at the top left in the group photo above has been removed from consideration for quite some time. The other 7 are thriving and we are very happy with them!
The four boys!
Male cocker 1 head Male cocker body 4 weeks
Male cocker 2 head
Male cocker 4 weeks body
Male cocker 3 head Male cocker 4 weeks body
Male cocker 4 head Male cocker 4 weeks body

The three females below. These girls are spoken for.
Female cocker puppy head female cocker 1 body
Female cocker head Female cocker 2 body
Female cocker 3 head Female cocker 3 body


Zoe Email us! Zoe


Below is a collage of puppies we have loved in the past!